Mr. 3-2’s Murderer Sentenced to 30 Years – R.I.P. 3-2

Mr. 3-2 The General - Murderer Sentenced
Mr. 3-2 The General - Murderer Sentenced

After a six day trial, the man responsible for murdering prominent Houston rapper “Mr. 3-2”, has been finally sentenced to 30 years in prison.


On November 11, 2016, Vincent Depaul Stredic, 40, drove together with Mr. 3-2 to a gas station in Southwest Houston which then resulted in an altercation between the two which led to the rapper’s murder.


Testimony demonstrated that Stredic pulled out a shotgun from his trunk and then shot Mr. 3-2 in the head. The rapper was pronounced dead at the scene.


Mr.3-2 had been involved in several groups including Southside Playaz, The Convictz, and Blac Monks. He was a part of Houston’s Screwed Up Click and had released one solo album.


Here is a video from H-Town Underworld DVD.



R.I.P. Mr. 3-2